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Over the past few years I have become increasingly disillusioned with the healthcare system becoming less and less client-oriented.   My goal as a physician is to optimize patient health and well-being.   The more satisfied the patient, the better my chance to make a positive impact.   Physicians, especially those hospital employed, are catering to the health insurance companies in fear of losing contracts, patients and revenue.   This health bureaucracy is micromanaging the patient-doctor relationship in order to keep cost down for themselves and to please the government and private insurers at the expense of patient care, convenience and expectations.

It had become increasingly difficult for me to maintain my focus on the patient without interference.  Many of my patients voiced frustration and I felt ineffective to create change in such a large institution as traditional healthcare.   So, I listened and took notes.  I heard complaints about dropped messages, lack of cost transparency, difficult access, rude behavior across the system, miscommunications, lack of follow through and much more.  I then looked at the direction of the current system to see if the future was brighter.  I did not like what I saw.  The patient was losing more decision-making power. I felt a need to make it right.

I researched practice models, spoke with some very smart people in the health landscape, and after a great deal of thought I decided if it was to change it had to start small and grow.   So, I decided to open my own practice where I can be nimble adapting quickly to advances in medicine and technology to continually enhance the patients experience and optimize health outcomes. It will be personalized and focused on nourishing the doctor-patient relationship empowering the patient to take back responsibility for their health.

Since the services I will be providing are not valued by health insurers, I decided to deal directly with the patients.  No more micromanaging from above.  It is the patients I cater to now. We can make it a first-class experience that we control!!! Enhance access to me and my staff with secure messaging, video and email!!! Longer appointments!!! Same day or next day appointment availability!!! Transparency of cost!!! It can be right again!!!

I was a 5-star physician for quality and patient satisfaction when I left St. Vincent’s AND I can take it to a higher level – A Next Level!!! This is my goal and invite you to join me, not as a patient but as an associate and the most important member of the team.

This I pledge,

Brent Beadling, MD