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Next Level is a Concierge Direct Primary Care model of healthcare.  With membership subscription pricing in lieu of health insurance, we are free to make our relationship with you our sole priority.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care:

  • By avoiding third party administrative and cost burdens, you get longer appointments, enhanced access and greater privacy.
  • By limiting the number of members, we not only get your name right but know the person behind the name.
  • Everyone is unique, and the more we learn about you, the better we can design a more personalized health experience.
  • Together we take back the control. With our guidance, you choose your future health path without black box guidelines.
  • Primary care specialists can handle 85-95% of most individual’s healthcare needs.

Member Pricing

(monthly pricing – annual commitment required)


age 22-55


over age 55



10% discount per member


ages 5-21



12% discount per member

Pay annually up front and receive a 3% discount on the monthly cost.

Direct primary care is not considered a health insurance policy.   Although we are open to those without health insurance, most of members have it through a private or government-run insurer.  To take full advantage of the cost savings of the direct primary care model it is suggested that our members consider a high deductible, wrap-around or medical sharing health insurance plan if it suits your individual needs.  Please ask if you want more information.

For those already interested in a medical sharing plan, you can get up to an additional 10-12% off the Sedera plans if you are a member of Next Level Primary Care. Click here for further information on Sedera.