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Consumer Reports and Forbes thinks so!

This simple chart says a lot about where the problem lies in our healthcare system. And the chart ends BEFORE the government implemented MACRA in 2015 which really accelerated the administrative burden!

Who invited this ridiculous health bureaucracy?  The usual third parties with their self-serving agendas: Legislators, health insurance companies, hospital systems, pharmaceutical giants and organized medical groups.  Who pays for all this in dollars and unmet healthcare needs?  We do.

The healthcare problem is complex, but the solution will reside in a much simpler structure.  A good step toward this aim is to eliminate, or at least reduce, the third-party interest from controlling your relationship with your doctor.  With subscription-based membership with a direct primary care physician you can save money, get better healthcare and significantly increase your decision-making power and responsibility for your health.

If you don’t have insurance, then a direct primary care membership is an affordable way to establish a relationship with a trusted primary care which will cover most routine preventive care and most of your chronic care needs. However, direct primary care is not a comprehensive health insurance plan.  The best way to get the value benefits while maintaining comprehensive coverage is to enroll with a direct primary care doctor and purchase a high deductible health plan, medical sharing program or a wrap-around plan that covers specialists, hospitalization and surgical services as well as some pharmaceutical and lab benefits.

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In conclusion, if you are interested in lowering your health care cost, improving your care experience and taking back control then a membership with a trusted direct care physician may be right for you.

For those wanting to learn more about the direct care movement or are interested in helping to change the decision-making power back to the patient and physician here is some more info:

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate for the 2019 tax year has opened more health options for both the insured and the non-insured to take advantage of direct primary care.   However, Congress has yet to pass legislation allowing Health Savings Account money attached to high deductible plans to be used to pay for membership fees for direct primary care.  Having passed the House of Representatives, it is hung up in the Senate.  If you are interested, you can help the Direct Primary Care movement by contacting your Senator.  Info is available here: